How do offshore companies work?

The term offshore company means a certain structure registered in a foreign State considered a tax haven, but that develops its business outside that jurisdiction. Among the main advantages offered by these societies and that makes them attractive instruments for people around the world is that they are relatively easy to create, that is, there

Are you risking your money in offshore banks?

A good question Nowadays, the warnings of “close friends” about the placement of their money outside the country are often heard. Affirmations such as that in the bank in your country of origin you can be calm because your money is insured by the government and there is no such guarantee with offshore banking. Let’s

Different types of offshore structures

In this space we will explain the most used legal structures offshore so that you have a broader and clearer idea of ​​what you want when choosing a type of society and its jurisdiction, we hope these clarifications are of great utility and understanding: Corporations: Offshore corporations are those sold, their main characteristic is that

What is the future of offshore banks?

The countries of the European Union are legislating to face the problem of the flight of capital to tax havens. As a result, the same tax havens are also organized, as it appears in a research report by Wealth Insight, a British company that conducts market research, to the point that Singapore is expected to