In this space we will explain the most used legal structures offshore so that you have a broader and clearer idea of ​​what you want when choosing a type of society and its jurisdiction, we hope these clarifications are of great utility and understanding:


Offshore corporations are those sold, their main characteristic is that they guarantee anonymity and they are only liable to their creditors for the investment made.

The equity of the same is completely separated from the personal assets of the shareholders.

The abbreviations with which they are better known are SA, Inc., Corp. AG; in some jurisdictions, they call them LLC, Ltd.

Limited Liability Companies:

This type of company has differences between the laws that regulate it in the different States where it is used, it is a company in which the shareholder risks only the part that invests in it, the shareholders are known.

International Business Corporation:

These are recognized by the acronym IBC. These types of companies have been created under the law for offshore businesses.

In particular, these limit the beneficiary to conduct business only outside the country of incorporation and can not acquire real estate. 


These are the ones known as (TRUSTS), is the legal act in which a person called TRUST, transfers assets to a person called the trustee to dispose of them in favor of a person called beneficiary, which may be the trustor himself.

There is also the well-known Private Trust in many jurisdictions.

Private Interest Foundations:

It is an independent legal entity, established to be separate from its founders, beneficiaries or administrators.

It is formed by one or more people who are known as founders, it is used as an attenuated figure of the trustor trust, but without the excessive regulations that the latter entails.

To properly use the companies and conduct transactions and transactions, our experience has taught us that the user or owner of a company or legal entity should know the practical aspects of its operation and management, which are not easily captured with the simple reading of the legislation that regulates our societies.

If you require a broader explanation about the subject, do not hesitate to contact us, as we have experts in the field anxious to clarify your doubts.

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